How Can a Planner Help?

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Do you know how much you spend each week, how much you need to retire, or how well your family is protected?

A financial planner can help you with these and many other financial matters.


Do you know how much you spend? If your money seems to disappear, try setting yourself a firm but achievable budget and start taking control of your money.

Saving versus Investing

The terms ‘saving’ and ‘investing’ are often used interchangeably but are actually very different.

Saving is putting money aside for some short-term goals or as a back-up in case of an emergency. Savings are generally placed in a basic savings account earning relatively low rates of interest. While this may be relatively low risk, the return on your savings may be wiped out by inflation and account charges.

Investing on the other hand, is putting your money to work strategically for the longer term in order to build wealth.


Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your future without having to worry about money? Unfortunately many people have a huge shortfall in their retirement savings.

Your employer’s compulsory 9% Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions are unlikely to give you a comfortable retirement. But if you start contributing to your super now you can be one step closer to securing your future.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is the time for you to relax and do the things you have always wanted to do. Careful planning can help ensure you are financially secure and able to enjoy your retirement.


What would your family do if something happened to you? Illness, injury and death can have a huge impact on your family and your finances. Make sure you look after your loved ones and protect them against these risks.

Share Investing

Investing your money is an effective way to build your wealth. You can choose whether you invest directly or indirectly through a managed fund. You can even choose a combination of both.


Redundancy can affect anyone at anytime and there are many things that you need to consider should it happen to you. Make sure you get the right advice so that you make the most of your payout.

Tax Effective Investing

When it comes to investing, there are many investment strategies that you can utilise to minimise the amount of tax you pay.

Estate Planning

Creating wealth for your financial security throughout your lifetime is very important. However, it is just as vital to decide what happens to it after you have gone. The best way to ensure that you decide how your wealth is distributed is by having a current and valid Will in place.

Did you know that dying without a Will in place ('in testate') means that your estate will be distributed according to a statutory formula which may not be in line with your wishes?


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