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Do the Big 4 Banks really need more profit?

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First Option Credit Union – Your Credit Union – has recently passed on the full 25 point decrease to mortgages, whilst 3 of the big 4 banks have not!

NAB and Commonwealth Bank have only passed on 20 points, whilst Westpac has only passed on 22 points.

The banks need the cash to reward their shareholders - not their customers!

A Credit Union’s profit is returned to its customers – our members – in terms of better interest rates and services. First Option’s profit is made to reward its members.

The banks cannot and will not ever do that because they have shareholders to pay – the more cash the shareholders get the better.

So refinance your mortgage to First Option today and rest assured that over the long term, First Option will always try to deliver you the very best interest rates we can.

Also, as more members support First Option the better the rates we can offer – that is the First Option difference.

So get on board, do your banking with us and let’s make a real difference together in defining what banking should really mean. People helping people.